Meeting change head-on

In today’s competitive environment the success of your financial services advice business can depend on which licensee you choose.

Practices already top of the class in client acquisition, service and retention regularly meet the challenges of a changing industry head-on.

They are thinking and re-thinking their service models, team setup, social media strategy, and anything else that can improve their marketing and client experience. Put simply, they adapt to change by changing.

You can do the same. And you don’t have to do it alone.

Our fixed fee for service offer for Aspire Partners is leading the way for practices who want to get away from the old dealer / institutional model and who are looking to pay for services based on value, not based on your turnover or product sales.

If your current licensee is not adapting their technology and services fast enough to meet your future needs, it could be holding you back.

Sentry offers you a progressive, strong licensee, with unique values and culture, enabling you to build your own successful and sustainable business and stay ahead of the pack.

For a confidential discussion on how Sentry can help your business, contact David Newman, Head of Business Development at