Managed Account Services

FPI Investments Pty Ltd is a portfolio manager of a range of multi-sector and diversified managed account portfolios designed specifically for clients of financial advisers licensed to the Sentry Group.

The FPI Portfolios use a combination of active and passive solutions which aim to strike the right balance between low management fees and expected market out-performance, via a comprehensive range of professionally managed investment portfolios.

The choice of world-class managed account solutions, investment managers and styles offer:

  • the delivery of investor returns with a prudent level of risk aligned to their risk profile
  • a total portfolio perspective with all assets working towards a common goal
  • diversification being key to managing risk and volatility
  • competitive implementation costs at all levels for all parties
  • investment professionals with high quality local and/or global research capabilities and proven track records of long-term performance to investment objectives
  • investor beneficial ownership and efficient investment structures that enable investment manager change, if required.

FPI Investments Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sentry Group Pty Ltd and a Corporate Authorised Representative of Sentry Wealth Pty Ltd AFSL 408800.