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Sentry Realty Investments

The Australian love affair with property investment is long standing, and it’s easy to see why, when you consider the favourable tax system that helps underpin our property markets with cash flow assistance.  It is just too good to resist for many investors wanting to make the leap of faith into property assets. But though it seems like an attractive option, investors don’t always get it right.

Sentry Realty Investments, through a carefully selected and contracted panel of licensed real estate agents across Australia, offers a specialist direct property investment consultancy, which compliments and supports financial advisers licensed under Sentry’s AFSLs. It assists financial advisers to help their clients accelerate their wealth through property investment.

Clients have access to the expertise and advice needed to make the most of their property investments. Investment properties recommended are on Sentry Realty’s approved property list and have undergone thorough research to ensure they specifically meet the needs of the investment property market and financial advisers’ clients.

Our services include:

  • In-depth property research on the various investment property options
  • A wide range of product choice available in different locations around Australia
  • Written rental appraisals with a comparison valuation report
  • A seamless, integrated investment process from start to finish
  • A compelling offer to the clients to achieve the above.

Sentry Realty Investments is a registered business name wholly owned and operated by Sentry Group Pty Ltd.

To find out more about Sentry Realty Investments, please contact our Investment Property Consultant, James Nihill: